Oban Releases

Pro v0.6.0


  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.Lifeline] Record fully qualified node identities (combining the Oban supervisor name and the host name). This allows Oban Web to track beats recorded by the same host but different instances.

  • Enhance all plugin span metadata with details such as how many jobs were pruned, inserted, reprioritized, etc. Telemetry events and metadata for all Pro plugins now matches the events from Oban OSS.

  • Bump Oban dependency to ~> 2.4.0 due to CRON parser changes and improved telemetry span events.

Bug Fixes

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.Workflow] Correct typespecs for new_workflow/1 and libgraph related functions.

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.DynamicCron] Support inserting and retrieving cron records with a custom prefix. All operations are wrapped in a Multi, which ignored the outer transaction’s prefix.

Pro v0.6.1

Bug Fixes

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.Lifeline] Consider fully qualified node identities when rescuing potential orphans. The previous version could erroneously rescue executing jobs.

Pro v0.6.2


  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.BatchManager] Drastically speed up batch state checks to prevent timeouts with large batch sizes. The updated query is up to 40x faster under normal workloads.

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.DynamicCron] Inject a dynamic cron’s name as "cron_name" into inserted job meta to aid in searching, and eventually linking, jobs back to the dynamic cron record.

  • [Oban.Pro.Plugins.DynamicCron] Schedule cron insertion at the top of the next minute, identically to recent changes in Oban.Plugins.Cron.

  • Loosen Oban constraint to allow v2.5.0

Bug Fixes

  • [Oban.Plugins.Reprioritizer] Rename config to conf in event meta so that it matches all other plugins.

  • Specify a minimum of Elixir v1.9 and avoid features from later Elixir versions, namely Keyword.pop! which was added in Elixir v1.10.