Plans & Pricing

Monitor Oban jobs, gain insights, and discover slow queues right from your browser.


You maintain an app that makes use of Oban for yourself or a client.

$39 /mo
  • For a single application

  • Up to two production servers

  • Support open source Oban

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You run a successful business that generates profits from software you build on top of Oban.

$89 /mo
  • One license for multiple applications

  • Unlimited production servers

  • Support open source Oban

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License Questions

Here's what you need to know about your Oban Web+Pro license, based on questions we get asked the most.

Can I share my license with other devs on my team?
Absolutely! Your license is good for every member of your team as well as staging, production and CI environments.
What if I have multiple "apps" in a single umbrella?
Those may be multiple apps according to OTP, but in our eyes that is a single application.
What about development and staging servers?
Only production servers count toward the plan limit. Smaller apps and business are welcome on the solo plan.
Do you have a discounted or free plan for open source?
No, there aren't any discounts for solo developers or open source applications. Oban itself is entirely open source and free and the UI is a means of supporting Oban's development.