Changelog for Oban Web v2.9

All notable changes to Oban.Web are documented here.


Encrypted, Structured, and Recorded Support

Jobs that use Oban.Pro.Worker features like encryption, recording, and enforced structure now display an indicator on the details page. What's more, recorded jobs display the job's return value directly in the details page.


v2.9.0 — 2022-02-13



  • [Jobs Page] Switch to a more intuitive default sort mode for all states. Now, only available, scheduled, and retryable jobs are sorted in ascending order by default.

  • [Job Details] The errors list in job details provides an absolute timestamp on hover, along with the relative timestamp that's always shown. The errors list got some additional formatting love to improve readability.


Bug Fixes

  • [Job Details] Restore missing color to the timeline component for retryable or scheduled states

For changes prior to 2.9 see the Oban 2.10 docs.