All notable changes to ObanWeb releases are documented here. The format is based on Keep a Changelog and ObanWeb adheres to Semantic Versioning.

v1.4.0 2020-03-24


  • Upgrade to LiveView ~> 0.10 along with requisite changes to use @inner_content in the layout template. This prevents the view from hanging with a blank screen on load.

v1.3.1 2020-03-18


  • Prevent FunctionClauseError when closing the dashboard before it has finished mounting.

v1.3.0 2020-03-10


  • Upgrade to LiveView ~> 0.9 along with the requisite changes to flash handling. Note, this requires pipelines in the host app to use fetch_live_flash instead of fetch_flash.

v1.2.0 (2020-02-07)


  • Prevent flash map key issue on initial mount. The lack of a show key on the empty flash map caused runtime errors.
  • Prevent losing stats cache on restart by shifting table ownership into the supervisor.


  • Clear completed_at and discarded_at timestamps when descheduling jobs.
  • Upgrade to LiveView ~> 0.7.


  • Display job priority value in the table and detail views.
  • Display job tags in the detail view.

v1.1.2 (2020-02-07)


  • Correct syntax used for descheduling and discarding jobs
  • Set the discarded_at timestamp when discarding jobs

v1.1.1 (2020-02-06)


  • Fix job detail refreshing on tick events

v1.1.0 (2020-02-06)


  • Add verbose setting to control log levels. This command mirrors the behavior in Oban and is respected by all queries.
  • Deprecate stats configuration. The stats module is entirely overhauled so that it only refreshes when one or more users are connected. That prevents it from using any connections or performing any queries while testing, which renders the stats option pointless.
  • Add stats_interval to control how often node and queue counts are refreshed. The default value is every 1s.
  • Add tick_interval to control how often the jobs table and job details are refreshed. The default value is every 500ms.

v1.0.1 (2020-01-29)


  • Display discarded_at time in detail timeline view.
  • Prevent jitter when clearing stats cache.

v1.0.0 (2020-01-29)


  • Upgrade Oban and set dependency to ~> 1.0.0
  • Update stats and the queries that power stats to rely on more frequent refreshes and fewer database calls. The average refresh time dropped from ~310ms to ~180ms.

v0.8.0 (2020-01-23)


  • Upgrade to LiveView ~> 0.5 and test with 0.6.

v0.7.0 (2020-01-08)


  • Add detail modal for inspecting job arguments, errors and state timings.

v0.6.3 (2019-12-15)


  • Display duration or distance in words depending on job state. This clarifies
    timestamp information. Relative timestamps have an formatted absolute value as
    the “title” attribute as well.

  • Improved ordering for various job states. Many states were reversed, making
    the table view seem broken.


  • Ensure all assigns are available on render when a disconnected node
    reconnects. This fixes an issue when viewing the UI in development.

v0.6.2 (2019-12-05)


  • Add support for explicitly disabling stats rather than inferring based on queue configuration. This prevents issues in production environments where certain nodes (i.e. web) aren’t processing any queues, but the the UI is accessed.

    ObanWeb configuration now differs from Oban configuration and you’ll need to specify it separately. Specify the repo in config.exs:

  config :my_app, ObanWeb, repo: MyApp.Repo

Disable the stats tracker in the test environment:

  config :my_app, ObanWeb, stats: false

v0.6.1 (2019-11-22)


  • Ignore the stats server when queues is empty.

v0.6.0 (2019-10-30)

  • Initial public release